We take great care in hand-selecting the most exceptional botanicals from across Sicily to create our signature gin. From the juniper berries sourced from the majestic Iblei and Madonie mountains to the Ribera IGP oranges, lemons and pink grapefruit from Syracuse, each ingredient is chosen for its exceptional quality and flavour contribution. 

Our gin is further enriched with the addition of black bee honey, which lends a rich and complex profile. The seamless blend of basil, wild fennel seeds, thyme and mint from Agrigento and Ragusa provides a refreshing and vibrant palate that surprise and delights with every sip.

To add depth and complexity, we incorporate almonds and walnuts from the Noto Valley, Lappedde apples from Messina, and blackberries from Catania, resulting in a harmonious symphony of flavours that epitomises the essence of Sicily.


Mimí, Our Alembic


Mimí is a fully artisanal alembic, crafted entirely by hand from copper. Built in Germany by the renowned Müller family, experts in the field for four generations.

The carefully selected botanicals are divided according to their organoleptic characteristics. The most delicate raw materials find their place in the suspension basket, ensuring a gentle extraction of essential oils. Meanwhile, the sturdier berries and seeds are immersed in a hydro-alcoholic mixture using the bain-marie method. During the distillation process, the resulting blend produces vapours with complex gustatory and olfactory properties, which, when mixed with the herbaceous elements, give life to the finished product. Once distilled, the gin is stored in specially protected stainless-steel silos to preserve the aromas intact before being bottled and labelled.




Apenera gin lends itself perfectly to every type of mixology. You can experiment with it in a classic Negroni or a simple Gin and Tonic, enriching it with various types of garnishes that enhance the distinctive flavours of Sicilian botanicals. From orange slices to juniper berries, the pairing possibilities are endless.


Apenera Negroni


Apenera Aviation