House of Apenera is born in the heart of Aragona. A former 230-square-meter dried fruit warehouse has been renovated to house "Mimí," a 230-liter Müller alembic specifically designed and crafted to produce sophisticated, intricate, and uniquely flavoured spirits.




House of Apenera operates with full respect for the local environment. Embracing a sustainable approach, it implements virtuous production processes, striving to minimize the environmental impact in crafting Apenera Gin. This includes the use of recycled glass, renewable energy sources, and the reduction of water waste.




We also offer production and bottling services for third parties. Our expert Master Distillers will be by your side, providing advice and support to help you realise your entrepreneurial project in the best possible way. Contact us for more information.




House of Apenera offers engaging masterclasses dedicated to gin tasting and distillation, designed for both enthusiasts and the curious alike. We welcome you to our distillery, where we'll guide you through the production process of Apenera and give you the opportunity to distill your own gin using our alembics, providing an immersive, stimulating, and enjoyable experience. It's a unique opportunity to explore the magical world of artisanal spirit-making together with us. Contact us to book your experience (minimum group size of 4 people, maximum 8 people).