Apenera Gin celebrates love, passion, and reverence for Sicily. It's an island renowned for its flavours, colours, sunsets, lights, shadows and mysteries. A concentrated essence of beauty encapsulated in our gin. 100% crafted in Sicily.


We've been inspired by the Sicilian black honeybee for its resilience in facing extinction and its role in replenishing terrestrial flora. Its resilience, endurance, beauty, and spirit mirror that of the Sicilian people—warm and enduring. It embodies the pride with which Sicily is regarded and lived. Through the enamoured eyes of its residents, explorers, and returnees alike, Sicily captivates and enchants.


Apenera Gin is made using 100% Sicilian botanicals. It journeys through the rich history of Sicilian vineyards and lands, yielding a product that honours the diligence of Sicilian entrepreneurship and innovation. Produced and refined in our distillery, pioneering the gin distillation in the province of Agrigento.


The Apenera team takes care of regularly updated playlists on Spotify. These playlists gather songs and artists that the team loves to listen to in the distillery during the different production phases. It's always nice to share good music with good friends and a fabulous gin of course.

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